Getting help

If you require assistance in any aspect of using the computing facilities, or wish to report a problem which has arisen, do this by sending electronic mail to

This causes your message to go to a group of support staff, one of whom will respond quickly to you.

If you are unable to send email, then you should phone x 3290 and leave a voicemail message. One of the IT staff will pick this up and respond as above

In the event of neither of the above methods being available you should go to the IT help desk. This is located in Earl Mountbatten building, room 1.77. Please do not go directly to your local Computer Officer or technician.

Someone will endeavour to reply ASAP with an indication of when the problem will be fixed. Bear in mind that some problems cannot be solved, others take a lot of resources to solve, and Computer Systems Group staff resources are finite. Nevertheless if you are unhappy with your response, you may appeal to the School's Senior Computer Officer (Hugh Conner)

When requesting help with a problem, supply as much detail as possible to help in its solution. Include a 'Subject' line in your mail message, and report items such as : which machine exhibits the problem, error messages displayed, what you were doing at the time, etc.

A related matter concerns requests for work to be done by Computer Systems Group staff where this work is not a fix to a problem. If you wish to make such a request then you should submit a job request form to the help desk.


The above applies to issues relating to the school facilities, or to specialised software packages available on the central facilities. For general problems relating to the central facilities, such as email, core pacakages on PC-Caledonia, etc., you should contact Computing Services. This is done by sending email to, phoning x 4045, or going to the helpdesk in the Computer Centre.