Rules for Use of the School Computing Facilities

Use of the computing facilities is governed by University Regulation 29 , which applies mainly to central University facilities, and by the terms and conditions set out in a similar document applicable specifically to the Department (see the form 'Computer Regulations and Authorization' ).

Our School network is connected to the Campus Network, which is in turn connected to the UK academic network JANET. Thus the JANET acceptable use policy also applies.

Users are authorised to use certain facilities at certain times, as appropriate to their employment or course of study. Many lab facilities are booked at certain periods for certain groups, or may operate under a scheme where certain groups have priority without excluding others from using a free workstation. Details are posted in the appropriate areas.

Access to workstations is available during 'normal working hours' as defined in Secn 7.2.1 of the student handbook. Access during certain periods outwith normal working hours may be permitted to keyholders - currently members of staff, postgraduate and final year honours students.

As mentioned above, users are bound by regulations in respect of their use of computing resources. Users should also be aware that they are also bound by the law of the land in this area, specifically the Data Protection Act and the Computer Misuse Act. The latter makes it a criminal offence to make, or attempt to make, unauthorised access to computing facilities or datasets.

The School and the University take a very serious view of this type of activity, or any of the other activities loosely known as 'hacking'. Any action of this nature is considered at the very least to be a serious disciplinary offence, and at most a criminal offence which may be the subject of criminal proceedings. You have been warned!

Further operational procedures which users must observe include :

The computing facilities are provided in support of users' employment or course of study at Heriot-Watt. These facilities will be denied if abuses take place. Examples of abuse include (but are not limited to) :

Game playing is not permitted on University computing facilities.

Users must not cause or allow their accounts to be used in any way which may tarnish the good name and reputation of the School or the University. The university holds individual users responsible for unofficial information published electronically by them, and professional codes of behaviour are expected.

Particularly unacceptable practices, likely to lead to disciplinary proceedings, are abusive or libellous mail or news articles, or any activity resulting in pornographic material being imported, displayed, or published within the University.