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Details of Past Seminars

The following seminars were all held at EPS.
The seminars identify the discipline from which they originated by a colour code.
as follows:-

  Physics seminars
  Chemistry seminars
  Mechanical & Chemical Engineering seminars
  Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering seminars
  Chemical Engineering seminars
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  HWU/AWE Seminar Series

Date Type Speaker Title
09-Oct-02 P Dr D Wolverson, Bath Optical Detection of Spin Resonance in Semiconductors
15-Oct-02 ECE Prof. V Murino, Verona Automatic Environment Reconstruction from Multiple 3D Acoustic Images
16-Oct-02 C Prof. AB Holmes, Cambridge Seeing Polymers in a New Light
16-Oct-02 P Prof. U Leonhardt, St Andrews Optical Black Holes
23-Oct-02 MCE Prof. B Bellhouse, Oxford Needle-free powder injection of drugs and vaccines
23-Oct-02 P Prof. PD Pettifor, Oxford Bond-Order Potentials: Bridging the Electronic to Atomistic Modelling Hierachies
29-Oct-02 C Dr D Chandler, Sandia National Lab. Velocity Mapped Ion Imaging of Ineleastic Collisions: the NO/Ar System
30-Oct-02 ECE Ms N Finch, Corning Intellisense MEMS at Corning Intellisense Corporation
06-Nov-02 P Dr G Robb, Strathclyde Collective Scattering of Light
13-Nov-02 C Prof. C E Housecroft, Basle Making the Connection between Organometallic and Classical Coordination Domains
13-Nov-02 P Prof. J Hough, Glasgow The Search for Gravitational Waves
18-Nov-02 C Prof. AB Smith, Pennsylvania Recent Advances in Complex Molecule Total Synthesis
20-Nov-02 P Dr B Usbaszek, Strathclyde Experimental Quantum Mechanics: Manipulation of Carrier Charges and Spins in Semiconductor Quantum Dots
27-Nov-02 P Prof. D Bradley, Blackett Laboratory Organic Electronics: A Vision for the Future
27-Nov-02 C Dr C Kaminski, Cambridge Laser Imaging of Chemical Phenonema
10-Dec-02 ECE Prof. W Pieczynski, INT, France Markov Models in Image Processing
07-Jan-03 EECE Prof. C Bayley, Greenwich Virtual prototype software for process analysis and product design
22-Jan-03 P Prof. J Knight, Bath Microstructuringmaterials; new physics in fibre optics
22-Jan-03 MCE Prof. N Seaton, Edinburgh Molecular simulation and the design of nanoporous materials
22-Jan-03 C Dr A Jamieson, Forensic Institute Death, drugs and dynamite
29-Jan-03 EECE Prof. W Pieczynski, INT France Pairwise and triplet Markov models in image segmentation
05-Feb-03 EECE Dr R Mehalso The Economics of MEMS
05-Feb-03 P Dr J Courtial, Glasgow Measuring the orbital angular momentum os a single photon
05-Feb-03 C Dr M Halcrow, Leeds Controlling metal complexes using steric and supramolecular effects - structures, spectra and magnetism
11-Feb-03 EECE P Ongley, Bristol Polymer adhesives for microelectronic assemplies
12-Feb-03 MCE Dr J Blackford, Edinburgh Ice mechanics and sports engineering
12-Feb-03 P Prof. A Tiwari, Loughborough Compound semiconductor thin film solar cells for terrestrial and space applications
12-Feb-03 C Dr H Fielding, KCL Manipulating electronic and molecular dynamics with light
19-Feb-03 P Dr A Clarkson, Southampton Power scaling strategies for fibre optics
19-Feb-03 C Prof. I Parkin, UCL Self-propogating reactions - thermal explosions
05-Mar-03 C Dr P O'Neill, Liverpool Endoperoxide antimalarials: New synthetic methodology and concepts for malaria chemotherapy
12-Mar-03 MCE Prof. R William, Leeds Direct visualisation of complex particulate assemblies
12-Mar-03 C Dr N Botting, St Andrews The chemistry in our food; studies on biologically active dietry constituents
21-Mar-03 C Prof. GM Bodner, Purdue The difference between what we do and what we tell students we do
23-Apr-03 P Prof. S Alexandrov, Loughborough Memory effect in molecular quantum dots
23-Apr-03 C Dr J Micklefield, UMIST Nucleic acid mimics and nonribosomal peptide biosynthesis
30-Apr-03 MCE Dr P Halfpenny, Strathclyde Examining crystal growth processes at the nonometer level
07-May-03 P Prof. S Barnett, Strathclyde An introduction to quantum information
07-May-03 C Dr D Smith, York Dendritic Supermolecules - Controllable Nanomaterials
14-May-03 MCE Prof. I Metcalfe, UMIST The simultaneous generation of chemicals and power using solid oxide fuel cells
14-May-03 P Dr A Harvey, Heriot-Watt Imaging with interferometry
14-May-03 C Dr M Halcrow, Leeds Controlling metal complexes using steric and supramolecular effects - structures, spectra and magnetism
14-May-03 EECE BV Howard, Heriot-Watt Introduction to radar processing
21-May-03 P Dr P Bartlett, Bristol Nano-rheology of soft materials
21-May-03 C Dr E McInnes, Manchester Synthesis, magnetism and spectroscopy of exchange coupled polymetallic transition metal complexes
28-May-03 P Dr J Marangos, Imperial College Strongly driven electron dynamics in molecules
28-May-03 C Prof. J Naismith, St Andrews The structure of fluorinase; how to make C-F bonds
04-Jun-03 P Prof. M Edmunds, Cardiff The birth, life and optics of interstellar dust
04-Jun-03 EECE Dr S Negadharipour, Miami Developments at UVIL on the application of vision & imaging technologies for positioning and 2D/3D sea bottom mapping
11-Jun-03 P Prof. K Karrai, Munich Optically tunable mechanics of microlevers
11-Jun-03 C Prof. AP de Silva, Queen's Belfast Luminescent molecules as information processors
11-Jun-03 EECE Dr P Hall, Bath Vision, video, special effects, learning and statistics in image processing and computer vision
18-Jun-03 P Dr J Smith, Heriot-Watt Surface passivation in semiconductor nanocrystals
20-Jun-03 C Final year PG students Presentations on variety of research topics
20-Jun-03 MCE Prof. F-G Buchholz, Paderborn Computational fracture analysis and fatigue crack growth simulation
25-Jun-03 C Dr A Marsh, Warwick Hydrogen bond mediated template-directed polymerisations
27-Jun-03 EECE Dr N Lodge, ProVision Being there! An exploration of 50 years of immersive entertainment
19-Sep-03 C Prof. G Posner, John Hopkins Mechanism-based design and synthesis of new antimalarial peroxides
08-Oct-03 P Dr R Lamb, QinetiQ White light filament generation with femtosecond lasers
15-Oct-03 P Prof. A Heavens, Edinburgh The state of the universe
17-Oct-03 EECE Dr N Lodge, ProVision Being there! An exploration of 50 years of immersive entertainment
17-Oct-03 C Prof. A R Ravishankara, Boulder Cavity ring down spectroscopy for kinetics, photochemistry, aerosol and field studies
22-Oct-03 P K Tillman; M Krueger; E McGhee, HWU Chirped frequency conversion in ultrafast optical parametric oscillators; Single quantum dots - the full spectrum; Single quantum dot spectroscopy - beating the diffraction limit
22-Oct-03 C Dr D Procter, Glasgow New applications for samarium(II) iodide in organic synthesis
24-Oct-03 MCE Prof. M-O Coppens, Delft From nano- to multi-structured porous catalysts
29-Oct-03 P/C Prof. G Meijer, Berlin Cold molecules
29-Oct-03 C Dr M Whittlesea, Bath Stoichiometric and catalytic activation of small molecules by transition metal carbene complexes
05-Nov-03 P Prof. E O'Reilly, NMRC Cork GaInAs: the physics and applications of extreme III-V semiconductor alloys
05-Nov-03 EECE Dr R Appleby, QinetiQ MM-wave imaging
12-Nov-03 P Dr C Bradford, HWU The growth and properties of metal sulphides
26-Nov-03 P Prof. P Beton, Nottingham Hydrogen-bonded nanostructures on Si surfaces
26-Nov-03 EECE Dr M A Baker, Surrey The nanostructure and mechanical properties of PVD nanocomposite coatings for wear resistant applications
03-Dec-03 MCE Prof. A Delebarre, Nantes Particulate solids engineering: understanding or prediction?
03-Dec-03 EECE S Reed, Heriot-Watt Computer aided detection and classification of man made objects using side scan SONAR imagery
03-Dec-03 C Dr P Low, Durham Building bridges: the effects of ligand structure on charge delocalisation in conjugated metal complexes
14-Jan-04 P Dr L Herz, Oxford Supramolecular self-organisation; tuning excitation transfer dynamics in organic semiconductors
21-Jan-04 MCE Dr C Adjiman, Imperial College Optimal solvent selection from the quantum scale to the process scale
28-Jan-04 P Dr A Arnold, Strathclyde A storage ring for Bose-Einstein condensates
28-Jan-04 C Prof. J D Kennedy, Leeds Intercluster interactions in polyhedral boron chemistry
04-Feb-04 P P Dalgano & S Jardine, Heriot-Watt Bright and dark excitons in quantum dots & Thin film silicon solar cells by microwave plasma chemical vapour deposition
04-Feb-04 C Dr P O'Brien, York Basic instinct: Chiral diamines for asymmetric synthesis
11-Feb-04 P Prof. M Charlton, Swansea The creation of cold antihydrogen
11-Feb-04 EECE Dr C Solomon, Kent Evolutionary models of facial appearance
11-Feb-04 C Dr J Reid, Birmingham Beyond the rainbow; spectroscopy and dynamics of water droplets
18-Feb-04 MCE Prof. A Livingston, Imperial College Membrane separations in chemical process technology
18-Feb-04 P Prof. T Krauss, St. Andrews Planar photonic crystal waveguides
25-Feb-04 P Sara Pellegrini, Heriot-Watt Single-photon detection at wavelengths > 1um: the InGaAs/InP SPAD
25-Feb-04 EECE Dr I Firmin, Aston Spin-model for clustering optical flow
25-Feb-04 C Prof. C Hunter, Sheffield Quantitative approaches to molecular recognition
25-Feb-04 P Prof. T Hansch, Max Planck Garching The heart beat of light
03-Mar-04 C Prof. D Haddleton, Warwick New polymers from living radical polymerisation - from personal care to new pharmaceuticals
09-Mar-04 C Prof. T P Fehlner, Notre Dame A systematic chemistry of metalloboranes; from early to late transition metals
10-Mar-04 MCE Prof. Rh Williams, Swansea Formation of structured products from doubly-metastable liquids
17-Mar-04 C Prof. W Kerr, Strathclyde New metal-mediated methods for organic synthesis
22-Apr-04 P Prof. C Young, Central Forida Atmospheric propogation with applications to laser communication and laser radar systems
28-Apr-04 P Dr P Reiss, CEA Grenoble Functionalised II-VI semiconductor nanocrystals: tailoring the surface for applications in biological labeling and photovoltaic devices
28-Apr-04 EECE Dr P Ongley, ETS & Cooksons Getters materials for MEMS devices
05-May-04 CE Prof. R Hesketh, Rowan University Green engineering integrated with the engineering curriculum
05-May-04 P Dr J Arlt, Edinburgh Optical techniques for the physical and life sciences
05-May-04 AWE Dr N R Godfrey, AWE The good, the bad and the ugly - chemistry and the materials scientist at AWE
12-May-04 C Prof. M-P Garcia, Zaragoza Mono- and polynuclear complexes of Rh and Ir with heterocyclic ligands
19-May-04 P Dr M Tarbut, Imperial College Cold molecules, time-reversal symmetry and physics beyond the standard model
19-May-04 C Prof. C Hunter, Sheffield Quantitative approaches to molecular recognition
26-May-04 CE Prof. F Mavituna, UMIST Streptomyces coelicolor metabolism for systems biology
26-May-04 AWE Dr M Dunne, AWE Use of high power lasers to study high energy-density plasma physics
26-May-04 C Prof. P G Bruce, St Andrews Energetic materials - the materials chemistry of ionically conducting solids
27-May-04 ME Dr G King, Warwick Chaotic dispersion in wavy Taylor vortex flow
02-Jun-04 P Prof. P Townsend, UC Cork Photonic systems for the network edge
02-Jun-04 C Final Year PhD Students Research presentations
09-Jun-04 C Dr L Brammer, Sheffield Understanding and controlling flexible interactions for the synthesis of inorganic molecular crystals
16-Jun-04 C Dr A Chippindale, Reading Structure and reactivity of some open framework phosphates and cyanides
06-Oct-04 P Prof. D Mclaren, Cambridge Surface microscopy with atomic beams: development of a Scanning Helium Microscope
13-Oct-04 AWE Profs. J MacMordie (AWE) & J Jones (HWU) The strategic alliance between Heriot-Watt and AWE: mission, current activity and funding possibilities
13-Oct-04 CE Prof. J Reese, Strathclyde Complexity and slip in rarefied gas flows
13-Oct-04 C Prof. M McGlinchy, UC Dublin Sterically hindered organometallics: the quest for molecular propellars and gear-wheels
18-Oct-04 C Prof. E Herbst, Ohio State The chemistry of interstellar space
20-Oct-04 P Dr A Mourachkine, Cambridge Room-temperature superconductivity
27-Oct-04 CE Dr S Mantalaris, Imperial College Controlling the in vitro through the in silico: a Systems Approach for the optimisation of MAb production
27-Oct-04 C Dr S Otto, Cambridge Synthetic receptors and catalysts from dynamic combinatorial libraries
03-Nov-04 P Prof. P Littlewood, Cambridge Coherent exitonic matter
03-Nov-04 CE Prof. P Hall, Strathclyde Challenges to carbonless energy production: CO2
03-Nov-04 C Prof. F Placido, Paisley Thin film deposition techniques and applications
10-Nov-04 P Prof. D Greenhalgh, Cranfield Laser diagnostics for flow and combustion engineering
10-Nov-04 C Dr M Threadgill, Bath Icosahedral carboranes in medicinal and supramolecular chemistry
24-Nov-04 P Prof. P Townsend, UC Cork DWDM SuperPONs: providing bandwidth to burn at the optical network edge
24-Nov-04 CE Prof. S Simons, UCL Where there is muck there is brass - the treatment of solid waste residues with carbon dioxide emissions
24-Nov-04 C Dr W Harrison, Aberdeen New polyhedra for new open frameworks
01-Dec-04 CE Prof. Rh Williams, Swansea Formation of structured products from doubly-metastable liquids
01-Dec-04 C Dr D Berrisford, Manchester Structure selective RNA recognition
08-Dec-04 C Prof. M Ashfold, Bristol Probing the gas phase chemistry involved in diamond chemical vapour deposition
15-Dec-04 CE Prof. D Wood, Melbourne Chemical Engineering education - the sixth challenge!
12-Jan-05 C Prof. V McKee, Loughborough Shape-switching pseudocalixarene complexes
12-Jan-05 EECE Prof. V Lakshminarayanan, UCSB Photoreceptor optics and the Stiles Crawford effect
19-Jan-05 CE Prof. R Thorpe, Surrey Energy losses and mass transfer in external loop circulating fermenters and gas-liquid reactors
19-Jan-05 C Prof. J McGarvey, QUB Laser spectroscopy and Raman scattering: some recent studies, from excited states to biomedicine
26-Jan-05 P Prof. A Jha, Leeds TBA
26-Jan-05 ME Prof. J Huntley, Loughborough Three-dimensional phase imaging: techniques and applications
26-Jan-05 C Dr P Skabara, Manchester Synthesis and characterisation of exotic electroactive materials for device applications
02-Feb-05 CE Dr S P Vranch, Jacobs Engineering Facility design for biopharmaceutical manufacture
02-Feb-05 P Prof. B Culshaw, Strathclyde TBA
02-Feb-05 C Prof. V Aggarwal, Bristol New methods for organic synthesis
09-Feb-05 P Prof. I Bennion, Aston Sensor and biomedical applications of fibre gratings
09-Feb-05 EECE Dr S A Sherif, Kent Increased depth of field in imaging
09-Feb-05 C Dr L Cronin, Glasgow Towards polyoxometalate based electronics and devices
16-Feb-05 CE Dr G Moggridge, Cambridge Nano-colanders from block co-polymers
16-Feb-05 P Prof. J Hutson, Durham Cold molecules and their interactions
16-Feb-05 ME Prof. R Critoph, Warwick Cold from heat: adsorption refrigeration and heat pump research at the University of Warwick
16-Feb-05 C Dr R Ferguson, HWU Mysterious numerological alchemy for the 21st centuary
24-Feb-05 P Prof. J Moloney, Arizona Computational nanophotonics
23-Feb-05 ME Dr M Fairweather, Leeds Computational fluid dynamics for major hazard assessment
23-Feb-05 C Dr M Griffin, Forensic Science Service Smack, crack, speed and weed - a Forensic Chemist's tale
02-Mar-05 CE Prof. D Cole-Hamilton, St Andrews Continuous flow homogeneous catalysis
02-Mar-05 P Prof. D Birch, Strathclyde Fluorescence nanometrology
02-Mar-05 C Dr D Gregory, Nottingham Recent progress in nitride chemistry: developments and trends
09-Mar-05 C Prof. H Anderson, Oxford Synthesis of insulated molecular wires: controlling pi-systems by molecular excapsulation
16-Mar-05 C Dr P Mountford, Oxford Synthesis and reactions of titanium imido compounds: from stoichiometric transformations to highly active polymerisation catalysts
08-Apr-05 C Prof. P P Power, UC Davis s-Electron deficiency in chemistry
27-Apr-05 P Prof. Dr H Kalt, Karlsruhe Nano-photoluminescence spectroscopy of semiconductors
27-Apr-05 CE Prof. P Czermak, Giessen-Friedberg Membranes and membrane processes in bioseparation
27-Apr-05 C Prof. J P Attfield, Edinburgh The chemistry of charge ordering in transition metal oxides
04-May-05 P Dr D Domokos, Hungarian Acad. Sci. Mechanical effects of light on atoms in resonators
04-May-05 C Dr D Davies, Leicester Half-sandwich complexes: synthesis and applications in catalysis and C-H activation
11-May-05 CE Dr D Mousdale, Beocarta Ltd Metabolic and systems analysis methods in commercial and large-scale animal cell bioprocesses
11-May-05 P Prof. G White, Kent Future European initiatives in exoplanet studies
11-May-05 C Dr S MacKay, Strathclyde In silico footprinting in postgenomic drug design
18-May-05 P Prof. D Jaroszynski, Strathclyde Plasma as a medium for accelerating particles and photons
18-May-05 ME Dr W Malalasekera, Loughborough TBA
18-May-05 C Dr K A Prior, Heriot-Watt Growth and properties of metastable group II sulphides at Heriot-Watt
25-May-05 CE Prof. G Coquerel, Rouen Preferential crystallisation - benefits and limitations
25-May-05 C Dr M R S McCoustra, Nottingham Surface science, kinetics and star formation
01-Jun-05 P Prof. Dr P Loosen, Aachen TBA
08-Jun-05 CE Prof. B Vincent, Bristol Smart polymer particles
08-Jun-05 P Dr G Cross, Durham The dual slab waveguide interferometer: irreverent or ingenious design?
08-Jun-05 C Dr R T Wheelhouse, Bradford Ligands for unusual nucleic acid structures
15-Jun-05 C Dr A J Bridgeman, Hull Using the Internet for student support, understanding and retention
05-Oct-05 EECE Drs S Reed, SeeByte & Y Petillot, HWU Planning and evaluation of AUVs for MCM using side scan sonar: mixing simulation and real data
05-Oct-05 CE Dr H Bock, HWU Computational studies of simple and complex fluids in confinement
12-Oct-05 C Prof. S Meech, UEA Ultrafast polarisation spectroscopy in the study of "complex fluids"
19-Oct-05 P Prof. R Sharples, Durham Recent developments in ground-based astronomical instrumentation
19-Oct-05 CE Dr G Moggridge, Cambridge Nano-colanders from block co-polymers
19-Oct-05 C Prof. C C Wilson, Glasgow Polymorphism, tautomerism and structural change: subtle effects underlying molecular activity
19-Oct-05 EECE M Razeto & I Poole, Barco Image analysis challenges in 3D radiology
26-Oct-05 P Dr P Doel, UCL TBA
28-Oct-05 C Prof. W A Denny, Auckland Prodrugs that exploit tumour hypoxia: an idea whose time has come?
02-Nov-05 C Prof. J A Anderson, Aberdeen Generation of acid sites on amorphous mixed oxides
09-Nov-05 P Dr E Baldit, CNRS Marcoussis TBA
09-Nov-05 C Prof. R E P Winpenny, Manchester Studies of heterometallic wheels and chains
11-Nov-05 CE Prof. D Wood, Princeton New technologies from self-modifying proteins: from drug discovery to efficient bioseparations
16-Nov-05 CE Prof. T McKenna, Lyon Challenges in polymerisation in dispersed media: applications to emulsion and olefin polymerisations
16-Nov-05 EECE Dr C Robertson, HWU The cheapest wrap-around, fully textured, robust 3D desktop scanner ever built?
23-Nov-05 P SUPA Quantum Info Processing Meeting
30-Nov-05 P H-S Eckhart, Bereich Friedberg TBA
30-Nov-05 CE Prof. J Milner-White, Glasgow The nest: a novel anion binding feature occuring commonly in folded and amyloidogenic proteins
30-Nov-05 C Dr E Clot, Montpellier An anion-dependent switch in the reaction of an imidazolium salt with IrH5(PPh3)2
07-Dec-05 C Prof. C D Spilling, UMSL Enantioselective synthesis via allylic hydroxy phosphonates
11-Jan-06 CE Prof. I Uchegbu, Strathclyde Polymer self-assembly leading to nanomedicines for bioavailability enhancement
17-Jan-06 C Dr D McGarvey, Keele Variety in undergraduate chemistry practicals
25-Jan-06 CE Dr V S Vassiliadis, Cambridge Discrete optimization and application in the design of new molecules via a novel, high-precision group contribution method
25-Jan-06 C Prof. C D Bain, Durham Optical matter
01-Feb-06 C Dr G White, HWU Online monitoring of batch crystallisation processes
08-Feb-06 CE Prof. R Smith, Manchester Recent developments in process integration
08-Feb-06 C Dr S Aldridge, Cardiff Multiple bonding between transition metals and group 13 elements
15-Feb-06 C Prof. S M Howdle, Nottingham Putting the fizz into chemistry
22-Feb-06 C Prof. J M Brown, Oxford How chirality is amplified through asymmetric autocatalysis
01-Mar-06 P Dr H Summers, Cardiff TBA
01-Mar-06 C Prof. M North, Newcastle Asymmetric catalysis: two metals are better than one
08-Mar-06 CE Prof. B Azzoparrdi, Nottingham Periodic structures in vertical and inclined gas/liquid flows
08-Mar-06 EECE Dr Y Yang, UCL Double sense multiple access for wireless ad hoc networks
10-Mar-06 C Prof. R Zenobi, ETH Zurich Soft ionisation mass spectrometry for quantitative studies of non-covalent interactions
15-Mar-06 C Prof. P A Madden, Edinburgh Towards predictive modelling of ionic materials
22-Mar-06 P J-M Lourtioz, Paris Sud TBA
19-Apr-06 CE Prof. M A Keane, HWU Atypical heterogeneous catalysis: two examples
19-Apr-06 P Dr P Berri, Cardiff Ultrafast non-linear optical spectroscopy: from carrier dynamics in quantum dots to multiphoton microscopy of living cells
26-Apr-06 P Prof. J-M Lourtioz, Paris-Sud Prospects in photonic crystal optoelectronic components: wavelength lasers on InP
26-Apr-06 C Dr H Bock, HWU Surfactants: phase behaviour and use
01-May-06 EECE Dr W Meggill, Bath TBA
03-May-06 CE Prof. S Kolaczkowski, Bath Catalytic combustion: achievements, opportunities and challenges
03-May-06 P Prof. J Piper, Macquarie Solid state Raman lasers
03-May-06 EECE J T Hatleskog, HWU Simulation of the heave reduction performance of a passive drill string compensator
03-May-06 C Dr C R Pulham, Edinburgh Exploring polymorphism of molecular materials using high pressure
10-May-06 CE Dr B Moore, Strathclyde TBA
10-May-06 P Dr W Hensinger, Sussex Ion traps for quantum computing
10-May-06 EECE Prof. J J Gonzalez, Agder Challenges in the transition to eOperations
10-May-06 C Dr L C Snoek, Oxford Shape matters! Spectroscopy as a probe of 3D structures
17-May-06 P Dr M Fox, Sheffield Towards quantum information processing with quantum dots
17-May-06 EECE Dr W Malik, Oxford TBA
17-May-06 C Prof. R C F Jones, Loughborough Imidazolinium dipoles: charges for heterocycle synthesis
24-May-06 EECE Dr A Porch, Cardiff Microwaves materials measurements
31-May-06 P Dr D Paul, Cambridge Towards a Si/SiGe quantum cascade laser
07-Jun-06 CE Prof. D Jackson, Glasgow Alkane dehydrogination: chemistry and chemical engineering in partnership
09-Jun-06 C Prof. S M Howdle, Nottingham Putting the fizz into chemistry
14-Jun-06 EECE Dr P Blondel, Bath Tsunami risks and deep-sea mapping
14-Jun-06 C Prof. M D Cole, Anglia Ruskin Drugs and drug profiling in forensic science spaced-out or space age?
04-Oct-06 C Prof. R Hernandez, UAEM Mexico Intermolecular potentials and energy transfer processes in the O2 + O2 system
11-Oct-06 P Prof. G Juzeliuanas, ITPA Vilnius Solitons in two-component Bose-Einstein condensates
18-Oct-06 CE Dr N Willoughby, HWU Scaling up by thinking small - use of ultra-scale down in design of bioprocesses
18-Oct-06 P Dr P Ohberg, HWU Light and ultracold atoms
18-Oct-06 C Dr M Buck, St Andrews Self-assembled monolayers: from PowerPoint science to reality
18-Oct-06 EECE Dr G Goussetis, HWU Metametals: analysis, design and applications
25-Oct-06 P Dr M Thomson, HWU Diffractive optic elements: design, simulation, fabrication and applications
25-Oct-06 C Prof. N Reid, Glasgow A scientific approach to the teaching of chemistry
01-Nov-06 CE Dr V S Vassiliades, Cambridge In silico molecular design based on group contribution methods and global optimisation
01-Nov-06 C Prof. P Scott, Warwick Catalysis with stereogenic metal centres
02-Nov-06 P Prof. U Keller, ETH Zurich Ultrafast solid-state lasers: hitting harder and faster
08-Nov-06 C Dr P Licence, Nottingham Neotic solvents at Nottingham
15-Nov-06 P Prof. T Esslinger, ETH Zurich TBA
22-Nov-06 CE Dr P Langston, Nottingham Applications of distinct element modelling in granular dynamics
22-Nov-06 P Dr R Thomson, HWU TBA
22-Nov-06 EECE Dr P Favarro, HWU Inference of shape and radiance for modelling and interaction
23-Nov-06 C Dr I J S Fairlamb, York Palladium catalysis: from synthesis to mechanism and serendipity to rational design
29-Nov-06 CE Prof. Dr M Schoen, TU Berlin Fluid phase transitions at solid interfaces
29-Nov-06 P Prof. M Gutowski, HWU Theoretical studies of transition metal oxides
29-Nov-06 C Dr N R Cameron, Durham Living free-radical polymerisation: a toolkit for the preparation of functional macromolecular architectures
30-Nov-05 EECE Prof. G Markariam, Leeds WiMAX: technologies behind the success
06-Dec-06 CE Dr G Campbell, Manchester Bubbles and particles in cereal processing
06-Dec-06 C Prof. M D Ward, Sheffield Polyhedral coordination cages: structures, anion templation and host-guest chemistry
06-Dec-06 EECE Dr M Ghavami WiMAX and UWB: a study from the point of view of interference