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Seminar Programme for Term 2, 2006-07

The following seminars are scheduled for this term, and all interested are encouraged to attend. The list will be updated periodically.
The seminars identify the discipline from which they originate by a colour code.
In some cases further details of the seminars (e.g. abstracts) are available at individual Web sites, identified below:
There is also a 'Past Seminars' web page which gives some details of previous seminars - click here.

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Date Time Venue Type Speaker Title
Jan-10 15:45 EM127 EECE Dr J Luo, Siemens Networks Advanced Radio Resource Management and Future System Design
Jan-10 14:30 NS136 CE Prof B Baxter, Edinburgh University Topics in Design, Detection and Destruction of Proteins
Jan-17 15:45 WP109 C Prof T Welton, Imperial College Ingold Lecture: Ionic Liquids - Solvents for Synthesis and Catalysis (RSC Lecture)
Jan-17 15:45 EM127 EECE Prof D Yuan, Shandong Uni, China A Performance Study of Space-Time Coded MIMO-OFDM Using a New MIMO Wideband Fading Channel Model
Jan-17 14:30 DB114 P Robert Hadfield, HWU High speed infrared superconducting single-photon detectors.
Jan-24 15:45 WP109 C Dr D Tozer, Durham Recent Developments in Density Functional Theory (DFT)
Jan-24 14:30 NS136 CE Prof D Bogle, UCL Biological and Physiological Processes - Some Current and Potential Computer-Aided Chemical Engineering Contributions
Jan-24 15:45 EM233 EECE Prof S Salous, Durham Mobile Radio Channel Sounders
Jan-24 14:30 DB114 P Maciej Gutowski, HWU Theoretical Studies of Planar Model Transition Metal Oxides
Jan-31 15:45 WP109 C Prof N Isaacs, Glasgow Catenane and Membrane Protein Structures
Jan-31 14:15 EM233 EECE Prof G Markarian, Leeds WiMAX: Technologies Behind the Success
Jan-31 15:45 EM233 EECE Dr Z Hu, Manchester TBD
Jan-31 14:30 DB114 P Heather Campbell, HWU Towards 3-Dimensional and time sequenced (4 D) live cell imaging.
Feb-07 15:45 WP109 C Prof R Richardson, Bristol Structural Investigation of Liquid Crystalline Dendrimers
Feb-07 15:45 EM233 EECE Dr S McKenna, Dundee Cells, Bones and Bodies: Inferring Deformable Part-Based Structures from Images
Feb-07 14:30 DB114 P Aleksey Zheltikov, Int. Laser Centre, Russia Photonics-crystal fiber light sources for nonlinear microspectroscopy
Feb-14 14:30 NS136 CE Prof C Hardache, Queens University Catalysts for the Clean Production of Hydrogen and Fine Chemicals
Feb-14 15:45 EM233 EECE Prof H-G Ryu, Visiting Prof EECE HWU A PAPR Reduction of MC-DS-CDMA Signal by Spectrum Phase Control (SPC) Method
Feb-14 14:15 TBC ME Rebecca Barthelmie, Edinburgh University Wind Energy
Feb-21 15:45 EM127 EECE Prof H-G Ryu, Visiting Prof EECE HWU The Impact of the I/Q Mismatching Errors on the BER Performance of OFDM Communication Systems
Feb-21 14:30 DB114 P TBA TBA
Feb-28 15:45 WP109 C Dr M.G. Francesconi, Hull Chemistry of Non-Oxide Materials
Feb-28 14:30 DB114 P Giuliu Cerullo, Politecnico di Milano TBA
Mar-14 14:30 NS136 CE Prof A Gavriilidis, UCL Microfabricated Reactors for Catalytic Studies
Nov-29 14:30 DB114 P Prof. M Gutowski, HWU Theoretical studies of transition metal oxides
Mar-07 15:45 WP109 C Dr J Davis, Nottingham Assistive Learning and Undergraduate Research Mentoring Schemes (HEA Lecture)
Mar-07 15:45 EM127 EECE Prof L Jaulin, ENSIETA, France Interval Constraints Propagation Techniques for the Simultaneous Localization and Map Building of an Actual Underwater Robot
Mar-14 15:45 EM127 EECE Dr R Jacobs Computation of Radiation and Scattering Problems Using FE-BI/FMM
Mar-16 14:30 NS136 CE Prof D Wood, Princeton University FRIDAY SEMINAR: New Technologies from Engineered Self-Modifying Proteins
Mar-16 13:15 LT1 C SCI Half-day Symposium FRIDAY: 18th Annual SCI Post-Graduate Symposium in Scotland 2007 (1.15 - 6.15pm)
TBD 15:45 EM233 EECE Dr A Criminisi, Microsoft Research Vision Activities in Microsoft Research Lab

Venues DB = David Brewster Building
  WP = William H Perkin Building
  NS = James Naysmith Building
  EM = Earl Mountbatten Building

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